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The Lab

Here's my first full short film created in Unreal Engine 5. While there were certainly some bumps along the way, it was an amazing learning experience, and I am thrilled with how it turned out. The film draws heavily on the suspenseful elements of Ridley Scott's 1979 film Alien, as well as the tense cinematics from The Last of Us Part II.

Responsible for Blocking, Animation Retargeting, Camera, Editing, Environment Creation, Lighting, Rendering, and Audio Mixing.


- Unreal Engine 5

- Adobe Premiere Pro (Audio Mixing)

- Photoshop

- Blender

- Mixamo

- Metahuman Creator

The Character

The Hazmat character I sourced from the marketplace, which I altered to have a metahuman head for more facial control and emotion.

All animation retargeting was handled within Unreal Engine 5 with the IK Rig and Retargeter tools.

Due to my lack of motion capture equipment I had to make do with the Mixamo animation library. To insure I had lots of variety I created an animation blueprint to include the use of a 'Slot' system which meant I could mix and match animations to different specific body parts.

For certain shots, I also used the automatic FK Control Rig to refine the motion capture with some hand-keyed tweaks.


Initial Block Out

On review, my initial block out needed a lot of work but it was a good base to improve on!​

This first block out lacked the tension I wanted because of this I decided to add in the temporary track from one of the film's inspirations - Alien (1979). With the tempory track now in the engine, the problem revealed itself... the cut was way too fast for the ambiance I wanted to create.

Final cinematic running in Unreal Engine (3x Speed)

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