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Video Editor, Motion Designer
& Cinematic Artist.


Hi! I'm Hayley, a Video Artist based in the United Kingdom. After studying Film Production, I quickly moved into visual storytelling, excelling in editing short films, creating visual effects, and designing impactful motion graphics for a variety of commercial projects.

In recent years, my focus has shifted towards my true passion: video games. I've been actively involved in creating trailers and in-game content. Mastering tools like Unreal Engine's Sequencer and Unity's Cinemachine has allowed me to blend my deep love for both movies and video games, crafting cinematic moments.

Currently, I hold the position of Senior Video Editor at Rebellion. Within this role, I juggle a diverse array of responsibilities, including video editing, motion design, in-engine cinematics, game capture, and on-set filming. This multifaceted role enables me to cater to Rebellion's video production needs, ensuring the delivery of high-quality and impactful content.

Featured Work.

I'm always looking for new ways to connect with people. If you're interested in working with me or just want to chat, please reach out!

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