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Sniper Elite 5

During my time working on Sniper Elite 5, I produced a wide range of video content for promotional and in-game purposes, as well as internal videos for development needs.

Gameplay capture was achieved via debug tools which was a combination of solo and multiplayer recording sessions with the team whom I would direct for my specific trailers. For more customised scenes, I utilized Rebellion's proprietary engine (Asura) to craft cinematics, allowing for greater control with animations, lighting and camera moves. For some trailers, I also handled audio mixing – blending sound effects libraries, music, and dialogue to make the trailer even more immersive. 

Throughout the production of Sniper Elite 5, I also filmed motion capture sessions for animation reference and behind-the-scenes content.

In summary, my involvement encompassed various disciplines, including video editing, motion design, in-engine cinematics, game capture, audio mixing, and filming.

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