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Sniper Elite 5


During my time working on Sniper Elite 5, I produced a wide range of video content for promotional and in-game purposes, as well as internal videos for development needs. This involved capturing gameplay using debug cameras, creating cinematic sequences for marketing, designing motion graphics, conducting video editing, and handling audio mixing.

The gameplay capture aimed to show those epic moments, achieved through a combination of solo recording sessions and directed multiplayer gameplay. For more customised scenes, I utilized Rebellion's proprietary engine to craft cinematics, allowing for greater control. Video editing played a crucial role in bringing everything together, ensuring that all footage flowed smoothly and remained engaging. Depending on the trailer's requirements, I also handled audio mixing – blending sound effects, music, and dialogue to make the entire experience even more immersive. Throughout the production of Sniper Elite 5, I also filmed motion capture sessions for animation reference and behind-the-scenes content.

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2021 - 2023

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